Blues rock with an edge

Blues rock with an edge



Andrea likes boots and shoes

and horses

and she likes nothing more than a good GRUNT; more of that in a while...


Andrea tells me that she has FOUR love affairs in life, Horses, Music,Men and Cars.


She says: "I have 3 beautiful horses, 1 fast car at the mo and a love for Rock/blues and men who know their cars or play guitars  .


Love songs always make me cry and a driving beat/rhythm always turns me on  and my greatest acheivement in life is my beautiful Daughter


A rather strange desire for a pimped up Range Rover is also evident and chunky fast Audis


She likes the rest of the band too - whereas we love her!

She is very saucy on stage and is a great entertainer. If you can take her on a date wearing a saddle, singing, give her a gift of new boots and smell of grease - it could be the perfect evening! (or your name might already be Rob)


This page is a work in progress for Andrea

Grunt ??

It's the name of her car...