Blues rock with an edge

Blues rock with an edge


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Over the years I've had a variety of basses. Starting from poverty they were:

Satellite Precision copy

Fender Musicmaster

Rickenbacker 4000

Ibanez Musician thru neck

Yamaha B1100S

Status 3000

Epiphone Thunderbird IV

Warwick Thumb 5 string

Ovation 5 string acoustic

Warwick Thumb 5 string fretless

Aria SWB-Lite Upright 4

SEI Flamboyant 6 String (Now in California USA]

Alembic EPIC 5 string fretless

Fender FR51 Resonator Acoustic bass

DeArmond Ashbory bass

Dingwall Afterburner I

NS Design 5 String Upright Electric Bass

Fender USA 1999 Jazz V

US Masters EP53

G&L M2500

Les Paul custom


Of all of these the Rickenbacker (my first decent item), the Yamaha,  Ashbory,, Fender, Epiphone, G&L and Les Paul remain. The Ashbory really is quite phenomenal considering its size.  The G&L and Fender  are my main devices these days although the Les Paul is just showy and so that has taken the lead.


As to amplification, I have a Schroeder 1212 cabinet. Its small and very powerful (1000w) and it has made the tone controls on the basses work again. Cannot recommend it too highly! I use an                                Focus 2R amp which provides 800W and weighs 2.5Kg - my back loves it !.



As to effects, well none! This dates from a time I was playing and Alan said “what a great noise what effect are you using?” and I wasn’t. So I decided from that point on to keep it simple.

Acoustic Image Schroeder